Saturday, March 7, 2009

The depth of this happiness is yet to be questioned

Apparently, like many other foul and cruel food items, Lard is making a culinary come back. Its just not a real pie crust without it.
Seriously folks, I don't think you can challenge my vegan pie crust. There is no contest and no piggy fat. 

Fat is fat is fat. 
Pig fat is a saturated fat, the worst right up there with 
hydrogenated fats. This is the leading cause of high cholesterol,
a major risk of heart disease, obesity, and certain types of cancer.
So unless you look forward to a lovely white waxy pig fat
build up in your arteries, I'd skip and try some extra virgin 
olive oil instead- Or just skip the fat all together. 

Lard, if you didn't know is pig fat- either rendered or unrendered.
It differs as to qualities and possible use depending on where
exactly the fat was taken from the carcass and how it was processed.
It can be wet rendered or dry rendered and produces different 

Look out you... eat-gooders(?)
This sick-ass pig-ass-fat that is gonna make you fat is found
in refried beans, pie crusts, tortillas, crackers,
cookies: oreos, keebler, nabisco  
breads that list shortening on the ingredients
Quaker Oats: Shortening w/lard
Gen Mills: ready to spread frosting

And this is just a few of the major companies of the foods you eat, not even the little guys.
I'll talk about Tallow next.

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