Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bringing back floats

I really miss old school drinks like floats,
malts, shirley temples, roy rogers, &c &c
Why are our classics being replaced by
these stranger and stranger concoctions?
I'll have to write more later on the contents
of these beverages, but most of it is a
mystery to me.

Its been ages since I had a big name soda.
A couple times a year I'll grab a hansens
'natural' pop or a bottle of ginger beer.
Its always fun to go and scope out whats new
on the pop shelves though. Its like a rainbow
of artificial colors with the most wild names.
Can you imagine having that job? The creator
of soda pop names : "Black Lightening"
"Electric Splash"--- See! I can do it! I'm hired.
Actually, I'm gonna take a break instead with
this vegan version of a classic.
My little brother and I broke out a can of root beer
and cherry soda pop, a few scoops of Rice Dream Vanilla
Ice Cream and the rest, as they say, is history.

1 comment:

Piotr said...

classic classic! i haven't had a float in years!