Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love Your Ma'ma!

I know this is super last minute, but...

As a very special treat, I'm actually officially filling orders
for Mother's Day boxes in Los Angeles. If you're interested in
some taste vegan treats and forgot to grab something-- I've got your
back with...

Cake Donuts! : $12 a box - A pack of 6 classic cake donuts, 2 in each flavor:
Cinnamon Sugar
and Original Sprinkle

Breakfast Scone Box: $12 a box - Features 4 delightful types of scones:
Green Tea
and Savory Sage

Fairy Cakes: $4 for each miniature cake
Raspberry with White Cake
Mango with White Cake
and Chocolate Creme

Order Now while you still can by emailing me misskitchenwitch(at)gmail(dot)com

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