Saturday, September 26, 2009

Best Wake Up Call Ever

Yesterday morning, just after 7:00AM, I got a lovely wake up
call from my CSA delivery guy looking for my place. Slipping
on my crocs, I booked my hippy ass out there. He was super
nice and apologized for waking me up, but I assured him that
I could never be mad at someone who bring me veggies.

It felt like Christmas morning, with a huge box of surprise
fruits and veggies. I will get to customize my order in the
future and am sure to start getting the more unusual items.
But everything is local and organic, which makes $20 a box
quite the deal. For regular GMO veg probably not, but a
little bit at a time is what I'm shooting for here.

So I got 6 Huge heirloom tomatoes, a box of rainbow cherry
tomatoes, a stock of celery, 3 sweet peppers, 3 onions, 2 lbs of
valencia oranges, and 6 gala apples! Next time I am getting rainbow
chard and berries. No grapefruit or avocados though, I've all ready
got buckets of them here at my house!
Definitely check out what is in your area!

Mine is and they're pretty tasty~

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