Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Vegan Review

The best thing by far of being in a city again (probably the only good
thing actually) is options. You actually have the option of going to
a restaurant and pretty much depend on an all vegan menu if you so
choose. I can say that its become almost like a little side hobby of ours
in finding these little spots. Some have been pretty hot and popular--
others are classic hole-in-the-wall joints.

Don't get me wrong, above anything else I would rather cook at home.
And cooking is my passion, but once in a great while it is fun to go out.
It gives you ideas, lets you try new things, and lets you get out of the
freakin house already!!

So starting, now that I have the option to do so, I will be doing a weekly
review of something vegan! I may not get to a strictly vegan restaurant
every week because a lot are pretty far away. So the review may be of
a vegan option at a big chain, a vegan product, store, etc.

So lets get munching!

My Vegan
633 S Arroyo Pkwy Ste 3
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 578-9017

My Vegan is just out of downtown Pasadena, in the same general area
as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's-- and Granny's Natural Foods (?)
The place has the same vibe as a chinese restaurant, which worried
me a little at first because chinese restaurants are the bane of my
existence. But we were starving and it was hot hot hot outside.
So it was like a little sanctuary.

We were so hungry when the food came that we were actually giggling
with anticipation. First of all, their menu was enormous, so choosing
was a little difficult. They had a variety of asian/thai dishes with
some random continental ones thrown in.

We got a 'chicken' appetizer to start off with.
It was marinated in a yellow curry-- the brand-- no clue.
But they were in cutlet type shapes, kabob style.
They came with a cucumber salad and an orgasmic peanut sauce
(maybe a little too oily though).

We also got a serving of pumpkin fried rice with pepper steak. Every thing is shown on the menu and you get to add whatever fake meat you like. Retrospectively I would choose something else for this dish though, probably seitan. But it was still really really good.

The service was nice and helpful, the place was spick and span,
great location, a lot more dishes I would like to try.
Overall critique? Absolutely delish. Would I go back? Yessir.
Did I vote for them for the #1 Vegan restaurant in LA County
at the Vegan Day celebration?!? (I can't say! Hee hee!)

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