Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Posts= High Grades

Yes my friends, I have discovered a relationship with a very high
level of statistical association. Finally squeezed through midterms
and emerged triumphant. Now to just actually start my final projects
and start studying for finals. Ha. I got my midterms returned and
only have three weeks of classes left for the quarter.

I have been cooking quite a bit when I am at home, naturally.
Much of that has been experimental, so no solid recipes unless you
wanna be a tester for the book.

Here are some of the highlights since St. Valentines Day...

Monkey Man's Potato Pierogies

Creamy Fat-Free Basil Pesto

Luscious Vegan Lasagna

Bad lighting, sorry.

Back to making my 'Cutie Quiche', but this time around its all vegan.
At one point I was known for the palooza of quiche I'd make and now
it may happen again.

I love the pie pan that I finally got to use. I actually had not
made any sort of pie since my pie series and my friends had given me
a gorgeous ceramic pie dish that I had not gotten to use yet.

Maybe I'll make them a quiche to say thanks! This one was a whole
wheat crust and stuffed with broccoli and garlic.

All of these were amazing, if I do say so myself and you could taste
absolutely no difference between these and their non-compassionate

I have some great recipes and series coming up soon, so don't fear!


dulcigal said...

Kudos on completing midterms! I haven't commented before, just quietly followed your lovely blog. Just so you know, your post about potato-leek soup sent me right into the kitchen. That soup is a family favorite but I'd forgotten all about it. Yum!

Kitchen Witch said...

Wonderful to hear! Its always good to know there is someone out there. Thanks for following!