Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mustard Spinach with Tofu

About a week ago I bought a bag of spinach from this
lady down at the farmers market.
I didn't look at it too closely because my mom was there
and I always feel rushed when I go shopping with others.

I like to wander for a while, mull things over. Find the best stuff.
Think about what I want to make, etc.

Well when I got home and decided that I was gonna make some
Calzones (!) I opened with bag to find
something very strange indeed. This spinach resembled bayleaves in both texture
and appearance. Except it was a little more heart shaped...

"Google, oh great one that hast taken over my life...
Tell me what this is!" and *poof*

I discovered the hippie lady sold me malabar spinach. Apparently,
this spinach is indigenous to Bengal and is often served with mustard
and hot chillies. Stir fry it was then, sorry calzone lovers. You'll have
to find solace in another entry.

This was so easy, I'm not even gonna post a recipe.
All I did was cook up some onions in some vegetable broth
with some mustard powder and hot-hot chili paste. I then tossed in
some more broth, some soy sauce, some yellow peppers, the spinach
and some tofu. Fast, simple, HOT.

So... Malabar spinach, not so good raw.
Mustard Chili Stir Fry, nuff said.

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