Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Salads

Alright, so I'm pretty lucky. Its not that hot where I live.
In fact, its usually pouring rain. No matter what the rest
of the island looks like, guaranteed- its raining at my house.

So I don't need to worry about it being too hot to cook
or too stick to make soup for supper. But I pretend.
I have to give myself the illusion of seasons somehow,
or else I'd probably run mad!

Well, hitting the beach is a different matter. We went
yesterday and it was darn tootin hot! So cool watermelon
and fuji apples were the perfect choice.
I also hit up another one of my campus survival foods...
a cool Purple Salad. My buddy used to steal my beets
when I was eating lunch cuz she was crazy for them.
I try to make this for potlucks too. I've convince people
that hate purple potatoes that they love them now,
all thanks to this lovely little dish.

Every time I eat this I forgot how much I loved it and
wonder why I don't eat it more. We all need a little more
of the rainbow in our lives...

Its mostly just a potato salad with beets and purple sweet
potatoes, but I'm working on it. I'm talking about the potato
salads with vinegar, not mayonnaise...

So far? I think the peas have gotta go...

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