Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick Tofu Fix

So I'm still working on the packing/yardsale/sell everything
madness and its definitely cutting into my cooking time way
too much. I'm pretty much left with only enough energy to
throw a bunch of stuff in a pan and hope whatever I come out
with ends up halfway edible/only partially burnt.

Hey, at least its hot food at this point. Better than living off
of pb&j or dried fruit as I tend to do sometimes.
So I try to fall back on super easy and super filling faves of

I have a pile of fresh avocados that someone brought my mom
so I made a nice wrap of spanish tofu and sliced 'cados.

All I do is cook some onions and garlic and then toss in some
sliced fresh tomatoes. Add some pressed extra firm tofu and
spice it up with about a tablespoon of chili powder, a dash of
cumin, some salt and pepper and a diced chipolte in adobo sauce.
Careful with the chipolte because a little goes a long long way.
I like my food super super spicy so beware. Plus I usually
just cook by sight and taste, so the measurements can be
tweaked to your preference.

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