Friday, May 28, 2010

Feline Inturptions

I've amended this series to be in parts instead of days because this
week as been so hectic for me, I have not been able to post everyday.
I had a big presentation/paper for a class, but came home to no
internet on Sunday (Still not fixed). So I retreated to campus and
now Monkey-man's place to work.

The presentation and paper went fine and I was looking forward to a
productive Wednesday... and rest of the week... starting in the ol'
garden. As I was replanting some herbs and stuff I heard some
rustling on the other side of my fence. The neighbors have a huge
holly tree behind their house. Tons of branches have broken off and
fallen atop a pile of old tires. I heard the rustling for a while
and then the mewing started.

"oh no...." I thought, knowing exactly what it was.

So I jumped the fence, knowing full well that my neighbors definitely
wouldn't do anything about it. I gingerly lifted up a few branches,
careful not to poke myself with the holly or uncover any swarms of
black widows... and out crawls a kitten.

I carry her back over and start to clean her up. She obviously has
an upper respiratory infection because her eyes are pretty nasty.
I went and got a bottle and formula as she looks about three weeks
old and not yet weaned. Not skinny and I've seen the Mom around,
but with an infection like this she probably wouldn't last over a
couple days.

After setting it up with some bedding and planning on taking it
to the vet the next day, I get back to gardening.
Rustle, rustle, rustle...

I jump the fence again and out comes a little black guy.
I reach down to pick him up and look up to see the Mom peering
at me from inside the tire. I start tumbling through a moral
dilemma and then see that this kitten is in much worse shape
than the first. It's eyes are completely stuck shut and look
so bad I fear it may be blind.

So I go ahead and grab him and go to lift up the tire. The Mom
of course takes off, but it reveals another kitten underneath.
There goes my free time...

I cleaned them and set them up in a cage and Thursday Monkey-man
and I take them to the Vet. Who repeats back to me everything I
already knew. (Sigh* If only I could buy kitty medicine over the
counter and not have to pay for all this)
Severe upper respiratory, horrible fleas, infection not in the
lungs yet, and in need of eye drops. So I get the meds and get
home to give them a bath.

The bath alone took three hours as I picked all the fleas off.
One is still not taking to the bottle or drinking out of the dish
like the others. Next I'll try soaking crunchy food. But the
medicine has already made a huge difference. I hope to find them
proper homes or a no-kill shelter in a couple weeks.

Trixie and Pandamonium, my Kitties, are super pissed off and not
having anything to do with them. I'm hoping I don't come home to
a surprise on my bedsheets if you know what I mean. Maybe I can
bring them around with lots of cookies...

Anyone want a kitten?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! They are so cute! And you are so good for taking them in. If I lived near you I would totally adopt one from you.