Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 Days Til Christmas: Dandies roasting on an open fire

So we took a hop, skip and a jump up to the mountains to
visit with my Grandparents. Aside from making a vegan
'turkey' holiday casserole, sewing a stocking for my
sweetie, and sneaking truffles... we did what I haven't
for years, or at least since the last time I spent a fortune
on shipping to Hawaii. Yes, thats right. We toasted marshmallows.

Since shipping is not nearly what it was living in Hawaii,
I sent off for a couple bags of Dandies Vegan Marshmallows
from Pangea (awesome site by the by). My package came
with in only a couple days. Its a different brand than
what they used to carry, but they are so good.
I hate that expression "it tastes just like the real thing!"
Because really people, it is the real thing. Only Better.

We toasted them plain, stuck them on sugar cookies, stuck
chocolate chips inside of them and dropped them in our
hot chocolate! Great little treat for snuggling on the
night before Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow? I'm getting up early to make black bean and
sweet potato enchiladas to take to my Aunt's House.
Then back home to have a romantic Christmas with my Monkey
Man, our wee tree, and our own fire place.

Merry Two Days Before Christmas!
Sorry the picture quality couldn't be better, its weird lighting
and I was a bit distracted by the yumminess that was taking place.

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