Thursday, December 3, 2009

just a thought or two

Sorry folks, I'm busy getting ready for my last day of my grad
class this evening and I can't really focus on doing a decent
food blog today, but don't worry I do still owe you all
three more days of pie!

Instead I'm gonna throw out a quote for you all.
This is from Philip K. Dick's Voices from the Street.
Dick is a foundation science fiction writer, which I keep
find myself coming back to. Most notable he penned
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said and Do Androids Dream
of Electric Sheep (later made into the movie Bladerunner).

'He leaned close to Hadley and grated in his ear: "It's like pumping
arsenic in a child's bloodstream. Billions of corpses of dead germs.
Ground up and pumped into the child. Diabolical! Read this article."
He pushed the magazine insistently against Hadley's wrist. "They
spread disease all over the world. The only real way to health, as any
sane person knows, is through proper eating. Remember, what you
put in your stomach comes out of your soul. Isn't that right?" He raised
his voice. "Isn't that right, Betty?"
"Yes Horace," Betty answered wearily as she lugged the two bottles
to the counter and sank down on her stool. "That will be a dollar forty,
Wakefield caught Hadley's wrist with his thin, cold fingers.
"You know what causes cancer? Eating meat. Pork and beef fat,
especially pork. Lamb fat is the most difficult substance known to
digest. It lodges in the lower gastrointestinal tract and putrefies.
Sometimes a lump of lamb fat lodges for weeks, rotting and stinking."
His lips drew back from his gold teeth in a grimace of disgust; behind
his steel-rimmed glasses his enlarged eyes danced excitedly. "A man
turns himself into a garbage dump. Stinking mounts of filth and
rubbish, flies and worms buzzing around. There's those trichinosis
worms in pork. They burrow into your muscles, all through your body.
Big soft white worms burrowing, burrowing..." He shuddered and
returned to his tapioca pudding. "Remember, Stuart," he said quietly
as he intently spooned up the last of the pudding. "What you put in
your stomach comes out of your soul."

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