Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pie Heaven: Part Three

So far we've talked about giving your pie crust a tune up
and exploring new corners of pie-dom, but I wanna jump
over to essentially what the basic principles of certain
pies are. Today... fruit pies.

Fruit pies can be made with a pre-baked crust and a soft
fruit by boiling a syrup separately and pour over the fruit
and cooked crust (berry pies)
by primarily making the fruit part of what becomes the
syrup during the baking period. (Apple Pie)
So by mixing the fruit with sugar, when baked the juices
of the fruit combine with the caramelizing sugars and
form a syrup/jam like filling.

I'm not saying this is written in stone and you'll never
find a pie that differs, but in general this is what you
will find and it will make baking pies a bit easier to

For Thanksgiving at my Uncles I made a fruit pie
by combining these two techniques, as well as
the different flavours of fall.
Frankly, to me it is not Thanksgiving with out apples
and cranberries. So I mixed it up a little. I really wanted
to make a pie out of pears and put it all together.

As I said before, I combined the basic techniques.
I made a syrup with lime juice, maple syrup, cornstarch,
spices, and orange juice concentrate. I then poured it over
my fruit and allowed it to thicken up.

I filled the crust and baked it at 375F for about 40 minutes.
Honestly we didn't slice the fruit quite thin enough,
but it was quite the hit, despite the crispness. I'm probably
the only one that actually noticed.

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