Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Apple Pie Crepes

Whist the monkey-man works, breakfast I shall make~

If there is something that knocks people's socks off, I put my
vote down for crepes. Crepes are one of those foods that carries
this illusion that they are incredibly hard to make. I beg to differ.
Granted, the first few are always gonna look kinda crap as you
get your fancy crepe making hand back, but really. They are
just thin pancakes. Don't let the French think they've baffled you!

I used a vegan crepe recipe from vegan yumyum.
They were pretty good, but a little thick and I ran out of soymilk
and I didn't want to keep adding too much water. Plus, I used
whole wheat flour.

Honestly, I can't eat crepe that often... but that is because a
long long time ago in a run down creepy house-- I used to
live with three other people. Typical college stuff... No
decent food, no motivation to cook decent food, and
an endless supply of eggs. That was because my Dad owns
a bizzlion chickens. These are strictly companion animals,
my folks are vegetarian... But they would send us cartons
and cartons of eggs. I don't even wanna know what my cholesterol
level was at the time! But flour was cheap and soymilk was the
only think I would splurg on, so what did we make? Yes, crepe.
All our fruit went into crepe. (I'm feeling slightly sick just thinking
of it...)

To turn back to the YUMMY crepe I made!!
I filled these we an apple pie like filling. Sliced fresh apples
with a couple of tablespoons of raw sugar, a tsp of cinnamon,
nutmeg, raisins and sunflower seeds!

Yeah, I baked these in the oven after with the filling to reheat the
crepes and cook the apples. Although, you could just pan cook the
apples instead. If oven baking 20 minutes at 350F is fine.

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