Monday, January 4, 2010

Catching up from the Holidays

Still stranded without my camera, I thought I'd show a
few pics the Monkey-man took with his phone up to Christmas

We went up to the mountains and stayed with my Grandparents,
hoping to catch some snow. Then we headed out towards the
coast for a family gathering, vegan dishes in tow.

While we were cooking, we had to snack to prevent ourselves
from eating the dinner. Our munchies were satisfied by my
whole wheat bread with tofutti cream cheese and our pumpkin

Here is the thanksgiving dish my Papa and I always make. I didn't get
to make it this thanksgiving, so I made it for my Family for Christmas Eve!

It is basically a layered casserole, with all your favorite Thanksgiving flavours.
You start with a layer of my jazzed up stuffing and pile on the
sauce and a sliced vegan 'meat'.

The topping is made with layered phyllo dough, each sheet
brushed with melted earthbalance. At Thanksgiving I cut
some shapes into autumn leaves to place on top. My
Christmas version is topped with Christmas Trees and Stars.

We served the casserole with a herbed gravy and some gingered
cranberry sauce.

For our family gathering, we took some sweet potato and black
bean enchiladas. I added some of my modified cheese sauce
to keep that essential cheesey taste.

Aww! Mindy wants more celery treats!!

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Mike K said...

The casserole looks amazing - perfect holiday food. I'm loving the black bean and sweet potato enchiladas too. Hope you're able to attend the Tal Ronnen demo - I'd love to hear about it, since the book is quickly becoming one of my favorites.