Sunday, July 18, 2010

Living Free Animal Sanctuary

Yesterday we indeed hit up the Idyllwild Lemon Lily Festival, but I
was disappointed that there were no flowers to been seen. As I found
out the flower is actually near extinction and this event acts as a
fundraiser to try and reintroduce these flowers that are completely
unique to the area. To actually see the flowers we would have had to
drive all the way to the far far end of town, up the mountain, hike
up to the area and pay like $15 or something to get to the space.
So we passed. It was hot, too far and my family was doubtful they
could comfortably go with me and were not inclined to hike.

At the festival they naturally had a ‘petting zoo’ with the usual
miniature horse, goats, sheep, duck, piggy, a giant rabbit, and a
turtle. Someone told me they had baby doll sheep, so I went to go
see. If you haven’t seen a baby doll sheep, google them. Adorable.
But they did not. I think ‘petting zoos’ are pretty screwed up, I
felt horrible for all those poor guys out in that heat. The
miniature horse was snuffling me from inside the ring, but when I
offered my hand to snuffle he tried to bite off my finger. Guess I
taste good.

After that we went down to a companion animal sanctuary called
Living Free. It is basically the Farm Sanctuary of cats and dogs.
We went to ask about trying to find a home for one of my kittens
and then took a tour of the catteries.

Living Free Animal Sanctuary Entrance

The Cattery
The sanctuary is set up on a huge acreage with a great view.
They operate entirely on donations and rescue animals from
different pounds etc at which they would have been euthanized.
So all the animals there are basically last chancers that were
not adopted and going to be put down. They offer adoptions for
all the animals, so they can either have another chance getting
a home or can live their lives out in happiness or dignity there.

The Cattery is comprised of three large rooms with large outdoor
cages attached to each. The cats may come and go as they please
by way of open windows or little kitty doors cut into the walls.
As you can see the rooms are amazing and any cat’s dream.
Carpeted trees, blankets, beds, nooks, crannies, baskets,
shelves, toys...

The entire place was extremely clean and you wouldn’t believe
that that many cats lived there as it wasn’t stinky at all.
(Why are my cats so stinky!?)

The Lookout
And none of these cats missed being adopted before they came
here because of their own faults. All of the cats were
extremely friendly and affectionate. They were all shapes,
shades, and sizes and they seemed to get along just fine. I
guess they must adapt pretty quickly because if they don’t
like other cats they don’t have much of a choice.

The First Greeter

Everyone was cozy

This old baldy calico reminds me of our 'Rags'

One-eyed Pirate Kitty

All the walls were lined with shelves to sleep on

Enjoying the outdoor houses

Adorable Scottish Fold

Super Cute Fatty

A Handsome Fellow


One of the biggest boys I've ever seen

Muppet Kitty with Owl Eyes

Cranky Butt

Such amazing faces...

Overall the place was amazing and so heartening. Its wonderful to
see that there are places like this out there, I only wish there
were more. If I lived in this area I would for sure volunteer.
I’ve seen other no-kill shelters, but the had nothing on this place.
I see it due more to better management than of more resources though.
The other no-kills I’ve seen had cats and dogs running loose, the
spaces were a mish mash of cages tied together, they were dirty and
stinky and a huge pity. The cats here were so mellow and content,
I’ll let them be the judges...

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