Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vegan Garb

It is important to remember that veganism isn't just a diet or all about
food. It also incorporates everything we put on our bodies. I've never
worn leather, I don't think I've ever owned anything silk. Although I
did have some wool when I was a kid.

There were some changes when I became vegan and I did a good purge.
I had some jewelry with shell and even a pair of earrings with feathers...
Yeah, gross.

I must say that it is pretty hard to find a pair of shoes I like.
Usually I just go with a good pair of chuck taylors and I even own a
pair of crocs. Last winter I was desperately trying to find a decent
pair of boots. First I started trying to find some wellies and then
I just wanted any boots period.

My place gets super muddy when it rains and the streets flood.
I definitely needed something waterproof and now I'm super jazzed.

Check out these thick padded, water proof boots I found at goodwill!
I usually avoid faux fur like the plague, but this was so entirely
plastic I knew it was cool. If anything had to give its skin it was
probably a teddy bear. They are down-free too.

The second pair I found are so rad! They are like converse meets
Pocahontas! I just need to find some laces...

But quite a score if I do say so myself.

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