Monday, July 19, 2010


When we stopped by the library the other day, I started flipping
through a cookbook that was entitled something like exotic
sandwiches, or unusual sandwiches-- I can't remember. But the first
thing I opened the book to was a pickle and peanut butter sandwich.
The name was much less memorable than the sandwich, obviously.

My title? Babysitter’s Nightmare, what else is so fitting?

I don’t ever ever ever eat potato chips, but my family had some and
I just had to replicate this recipe. So I pulled out some of the
pickles I made and my apricot jam and sat down for a very strange

whole wheat bread
peanut butter
sliced dill pickles
apricot jam or preserves
plain potato chips
a very open mind

The verdict? Not really sure. It was ok, not bad. Strange.
Some bites were kind of like I bit into something smelly, but
overall it was decent. I probably won’t make it again very soon,
but I just had to try it to say that I've eaten a peanut butter
and pickle sandwich. I don't think I'll ever get to the mayo and
banana, but I can live with that.


Rose said...

That's an interesting sandwich for sure. We grew up eating peanut butter and dill pickle jelly. We loved them...not sure how it would taste with jelly...I must try it.

T said...

Good for you for being experimental! I don't know about the pickles but the potato chips sound good!