Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bold, Beautiful, Bellini

Summer fruits are like heaven.
I have issues in being able to save enough of the fresh fruit
I buy to actually do something with it or make recipes.
I forgot that I wanted to use some blueberries in the
sparkling wine I brought for the Fourth of July, but used them
all in my Vegan Blueberry Cheese cake. Oh well, they went to good use.

I had watched the movie I Really Hate My Job not too long ago
and in the last scene all the characters leave to go get a Bellini.
Well, the craving for Bellinis really set in and I haven't been able to shake it.

Ideally they are made with peach puree and an Italian Prosecco
(sparkling wine), but quite often the puree is substituted with schnapps
and cheap champagnes are used. They are named after the artist Bellini
because the colour of the drink is reminiscent of the colours used by Bellini.

Instead of making a puree I sliced up some fresh peaches and
allowed them to soak, absorbing some of the wine for a
few hours. Chilled, this was so amazing. The wine took on some
of the sweetness of the peaches as well, making this a beautiful
summer treat.

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