Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've Gone Bananas!

Its been a few days since I've been able to post, but lately I've
been going wild with bananas. We had a good haul from one
of our trees and they all just ripened at once. They are sweet
william bananas, so they are on the smaller side but really
really flavourful.

I cannot tell you how bored I am of banana bread and quick
breads. I made a butt-load of papaya bread and I was the only
one eating it, so I let off on baking that stuff very often.

Last night I made a Banana Salsa, which was pretty wild
and have just resorted to making smoothies.
I had some frozen strawberries that were super sweet and
ripe when I froze them, so I blended them up with some
of the bananas I quick froze. About two bananas, a handful
of strawberries, and 8 0z of plain unsweetened soymilk.
Ahhh classic. The key to the best smoothies is freezing
the fruit first. It is so much more refreshing and the body
is a lot nicer. Warm, frothy smoothies are the worse.

But I went bananas over this...

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