Monday, July 20, 2009

Who says pizza needs cheese?

Not me, no Ma'am. Since my Sister was here we had to make pizza.
I made a quadruple batch of whole wheat dough to start with...

2 tbsp yeast, 3 cups warm water, 1 heaping tbsp sea salt, 1 tsp sucanat,
3 tbsp olive oil, and 8+ cups flour
I think 2 cups were unbleached white. I'm not sure exactly how much
flour I used. I usually just do it by feel, adding as much as I need to
knead it.

But the dough came out really nice, not too crunchy like the last
time. I think last time I added too much flour, so it came out like
crackers. Or I could just blame it on the oven, yes I'll do that.

We had two large large pizzas. My Parents of course had cheese...
But mine was a mix of olives and peppers... if I had artichoke hearts
it would totally have been greek. I used green and black olives,
pepperonis, sweet peppers, portabello mushrooms, cashews and
a sprinkle of salt and nutritional yeast. Yeah, no sauce here. I wasn't
in the mood for tomato sauce, so I brushed the dough with olive
oil and minced garlic. Hmmm whats for dinner?

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