Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miles from Mexico, throw me a rope

Mexican food is my comfort food and mixing it up is my hobby.

Day before yesterday my Dad made some crazy baked black-eyed
beans from Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry. They were
super spicy and unfortunately, he and I are the only spicy eaters
in the house. So we had to find a way to add them into as many
meals as we could to use the huge pot he cooked up.

So I made some cumin spiced sweet potatoes, steamed some
jasmine rice and grilled up some corn tortillas for some funky tacos.
I topped them with fresh tomatoes and black olives and served them
along side some banana salsa.

Since then I've been in the mexican mind set, but there was no
bean and rice combo or salsa that could cure it. I needed fusion!
So I got my Mom to abandon her idea of going to Chinese Food
(ack I hate Chinese Food!) and to go to a new little local "Mex"
food place in town. Bueno Burrito is a converted former subway
and has the same basic system. You get a burrito and go down
the deli-like line telling them what you want.

They do have some set menu items and I got their jorgina burrito.
The was a spinach wrap with coconut jasmine rice, black beans,
steamed veggies, guacamole, and the works of lettuce, tomato,
cilantro, onion, jalapenos, and papaya salsa. Whoo-hee.
I am a happy camper.

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