Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garden Snack Club in Hilo



Thursday night after we came back from Punuluu and watching
sea turtles cuddle we all wanted to hit up a thai place for dinner.
Our usual haunt, Sombat's, was closed. So we headed over to my
Aunt's favorite place, Garden Snack Club in Hilo.

I'd heard a lot of good things about it and it was all true!

The restaurant itself is tucked away in downtown hilo on a little
one-way side street. It is cute and really clean and probably seats
only about 40, pushing it.

Their menu was pretty big, but super flexible. It basically showed
all the foods, but you had the option of whatever protein you wanted.
The tofu they use is organic, local, and amazing. Its an extra firm and
they serve it in HUGE chunks. The portions are enormous and they
warn to you think about ordering family style.

My Mom (of course was the only one to not order vegan).
She had a 'Thai Pizza' that was absolutely swimming in cheese.
Holy cow, literally. I don't have a picture though.

The rest of us started off with a nice fresh cucumber salad. It had a
nice spicy-zingy dressing and was topped with peanuts.

I ordered 'Tina's Spaghetti', which was absolutely amazing.
According to the menu the sauce is sold in our local supermarket,
so I'm gonna go check that out. Definitely vegan, it was a thick,
creamy, peanut sauce over pad thai noodles and huge chunks of organic
tofu over a bed of fresh organic spinach.

I need to discect this recipe before I leave. Or I will have to ship
bottles full of the stuff when I move. Ack! Wine or thai sauce!
A compromise must be met.

We finished it all off with a dish of red curry and jasmine rice.
It was loaded with delicious local veggies, tofu, and my favorite...

The food was wonderful, the wait help was awesome, and we walked
out with a bill less than $50.00 for five people. Talk about a find.
Now I'm hungry again.

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